Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

Apple will release 6 new products in 2016: iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5SE, Apple Watch 2, iPad Air 3, Macbook Air 2016.

iphone 7 Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.1 iPhone 7/7 Plus
Apple iPhone is undoubtedly the highlight of every year. In 2016, Apple will release a new generation of iPhone. According to the news revealed that the new iPhone will have a lot of significant changes. Not only iPhone configuration will be improved, but also it will be greatly improved in the design. Currently known iPhone 7/7 Plus will have waterproof, Lighting headphones, high-capacity battery, dual camera and other changes. We believe that iPhone 7/7 Plus should have a lot of progress compared to iPhone 6/6 Plus, we wait in hope for the day.

iPhone 5se Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.2 iPhone 5SE

It is reported that 4 inch of iPhone is likely named iPhone 5SE. Of course, there may be called the iPhone 5E. But anyway, according to insiders said, in March this year, Apple will hold conference of new products, and new iPhone 5SE and new MacBook may will be released.

On design, the news that the mobile phone has a metal fuselage, gold, silver, blue, yellow, pink, green and so on a variety of colors, and using 2.5D curved screen design, but regret is not rose gold color. Configuration, it is expected that the phone is equipped with a special version of the A8 processor, 8 million pixel main camera, 16/64GB storage space, 1642mAh of battery capacity, support Touch ID, NFC and Apple Pay function.

Apple Watch Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.3 Apple Watch 2

In March 2015 Apple released the first generation of Apple Watch, announced Apple officially joined the competition for smart watches. In 2016, the second generation of products will come as scheduled, so that people see a truly mature smart watches. Currently Apple Watch 2 rumors are very limited, but it can be expected that the hardware will be fully promoted.

iPad Air Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.4 iPad Air 3

iPad’s product line has become increasingly rich, from mini to Pro, the product covers all kinds of user groups. In 2016, a new generation of Air iPad will be launched, 3D Touch function is likely to appear in Air iPad 3.

iPad Pro Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.5 iPad Pro 2

The first generation of iPad Pro has won the market certainly, as a productivity grade products, Apple has high hopes for iPad Pro. As the most powerful iOS device, iPad Pro has been a bright. In 2016, the more powerful iPad Pro 2 will meet with us, the configuration will be equipped with a stronger than the A9X processor and 12.9 inches screen hardware combination, it is worth expecting by user!

Macbook Air Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.6 Macbook Air 2016

2015 MacBook Air is equipped with the latest Broadwell processors and Intel HD 6000 GPU, but in performance improvement is not obvious, so for the 2016 the MacBook Air, people is full of expectations. According to the previous message can infer that Apple will be launched with the retina display MacBook Air in 2016, and products will cancel 11-inch version and increased 15-inch version, thickness of the body will be very slimmer.

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