Apple Watch 2 Rumors: battery life will have a big upgrade

Apple Watch 2 Rumors: battery life will have a big upgrade.18 hours, this is Apple launched Apple Watch on the battery life of official rhetoric. Perhaps after the release of watchOS 2, Apple Watch’s battery life has improved, but for some of the more frequent users, the night to sleep for Apple Watch charging, has become a daily. So Apple watch since April this year offering so far, the battery life has always been one of many commentators main poking fun at point.

Apple Watch Apple Watch 2 Rumors: battery life will have a big upgrade

Apple Watch

In the face of this problem, perhaps Apple has thought about the strategy. In general, the second generation of Apple watch products in appearance and current style will not have too big difference, there will be no circular dial styles, but Apple will the fuselage to create even more lightweight, battery to make room for more capacity.

It is understood that Apple will also be in the existing material based on the addition of such as titanium alloy, platinum alloy or liquid metal style – don’t forget, Apple has recently and liquid metal suppliers to renew.

In addition to extending the battery life, adding new material options, the Apple Watch 2 is also possible to use more advanced sensors, built-in GPS positioning service, and has a greater local storage space, even though now iCloud has been able to help users save a lot of things. If the perspective of an analyst, Apple Watch may be a relatively failed product, but if you stand in the entire smart watches in the environment, Apple Watch is undoubtedly a more successful product.

With the Swiss traditional watch business also began to enter the field of smart watches, we don’t know whether the future of Apple Watch and the Swiss watch the competition can win or not. Perhaps in the second generation of products, we can find the answer to the question.


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