iPad mini 4 has been released, iPad Mini 5 will be released in 2016

Apple company released iPad mini 4 on september 10, 2015. Currently iPad mini 4 has been added to the official website, there are silver, space gray, gold three colors, the weight is only 298.8 grams, 6.1 mm thickness. The iPad mini 4 is thus expected to price $399 for the 16GB version, $499 for the 64GB model and $599 for the 128GB model.

2015 launch of the iPad mini 4 is not a big upgrade, using the latest A8 processor, and the use of iPad Air 2 similar to the ultra-thin design, iPad mini 3 will be abandoned, the whole camp just left it and iPad mini 2. For iPad mini 4 changes, some media believe that iPhone 6 Plus in a certain extent, the iPad mini series of users, while Apple has begun to focus on the larger size of the plate, so the iPad mini series will not have a big breakthrough.

iPad mini 4 is known as the “wronged” products in the history of the Apple Corp, the conference only mention a “it has become lighter” will be officially released, compared with the same period of iPad Air, the equivalent of less attention. But if fine pondering, this product is actually good, compared to the previous generation, its shape has changed, the more thin body is the basic iPad Air 2, the thickness is also consistent with Air 2, only 6.1 mm, the weight is reduced to 298.8 grams, the whole laminate screen, anti reflective coating, etc..

iPad mini 4 chip is A8, although no A8X of Air 2 so fast, but also faster than the previous generation of A7 much faster, its camera has been upgraded, is currently 8 million pixels, also joined the barometer. Most importantly, this product is also RAM 2GB. Can achieve the functions of the sub screen operation, etc.. Compared to the iPad mini 2 to the 3 generation of weak improvements, it can be said that iPad mini 4 is very sincere. But untimely, it caught up with large changes in product iPad┬áPro, at present Apple’s official website almost all of the propaganda, the iPad mini 4 may be more customers to buy the, but in the propaganda is really low.

We believe that iPad Air and iPad mini 4 each have their own characteristics, iPad mini 4 lightweight and flexible, although the performance is not significantly improved, but still favored by some of the fashion, so Apple company will not give up iPad mini series, iPad mini 5 should be released in September 2016, and with iPhone 7. iPad mini 5 is still worth the portability of fans expect, we believe iPad mini 5 will be even more than mini 4.

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  1. Saratmeinam says:

    Ipad mini5 with big battery and less than 230gm will be highly recommended

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