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Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

Apple will release 6 new products in 2016: iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5SE, Apple Watch 2, iPad Air 3, Macbook Air 2016.

iphone 7 Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.1 iPhone 7/7 Plus
Apple iPhone is undoubtedly the highlight of every year. In 2016, Apple will release a new generation of iPhone. According to the news revealed that the new iPhone will have a lot of significant changes. Not only iPhone configuration will be improved, but also it will be greatly improved in the design. Currently known iPhone 7/7 Plus will have waterproof, Lighting headphones, high-capacity battery, dual camera and other changes. We believe that iPhone 7/7 Plus should have a lot of progress compared to iPhone 6/6 Plus, we wait in hope for the day.

iPhone 5se Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.2 iPhone 5SE

It is reported that 4 inch of iPhone is likely named iPhone 5SE. Of course, there may be called the iPhone 5E. But anyway, according to insiders said, in March this year, Apple will hold conference of new products, and new iPhone 5SE and new MacBook may will be released.

On design, the news that the mobile phone has a metal fuselage, gold, silver, blue, yellow, pink, green and so on a variety of colors, and using 2.5D curved screen design, but regret is not rose gold color. Configuration, it is expected that the phone is equipped with a special version of the A8 processor, 8 million pixel main camera, 16/64GB storage space, 1642mAh of battery capacity, support Touch ID, NFC and Apple Pay function.

Apple Watch Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

NO.3 Apple Watch 2

In March 2015 Apple released the first generation of Apple Watch, announced Apple officially joined the competition for smart watches. In 2016, the second generation of products will come as scheduled, so that people see a truly mature smart watches. Currently Apple Watch 2 rumors are very limited, but it can be expected that the hardware will be fully promoted.

iPad Air Apple will release 6 new products in 2016

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released at the end of 2016

In a manner of speaking, Appley has a very good iPhone series phones for the yearly fall occasion that takes place at the beginning of September annually. Such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, We expect to release the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the end of 2016.

The body will become thinner

Now market specialists are thinking that Apple’s new iPhone will be thinner than in the past. Apple inc has evidently registered the latest patent for a new thinner earphone plug, because the new product isn’t going to be able to hold the standard round-sized one.

In terms of other rumors, iPhone 7 will be the most thin apple iphone,
The company plans to control the device thickness around 6 mm, which will make the thickness of iphone 7 thinner than the latest iPod Touch 6 and iPad Air 2. For that reason the iPhone 7 will need to get away with the Home Key and the Touch ID might be positioned to the display instead.

Wireless charging

Apple Watch to join the wireless charging function is a lot of people are good, in fact, the recent wireless charging technology has become the flagship of the essential functions. Apple said in a wireless charging patent,

Apple iPad Pro Release Date Is Coming Soon

If you mention Apple fans in November the most anticipated thing, and that is undoubtedly the iPad Pro sale plan. As Apple’s first to support the product of a stylus, iPad Pro from the initial release of the conference to allow users to their full of curiosity and doubt, and to make a variety of speculation about its prospects.

And if you have been concerned about the trend of Apple users, you will know, as early as a few weeks ago, the Apple Corp has begun to carry out the support of the large Tablet PC troubleshooting training, and require all staff to complete all professional training before November 6th. This is consistent with the previous preparations for major products Apple released is consistent, but also proved that iPad Pro will indeed be introduced in the near future.

iPad Pro Release Date Apple iPad Pro Release Date Is Coming Soon

iPad Pro Release Date

According to the relevant information, iPad Pro’s official sales date will be the beginning of November 11th. And it’s not just the online store, which is also available at the same time. If the news is true, it only shows that apple is the confidence in the iPad Pro, to break the normal procedure practice.

iPad mini 4 has been released, iPad Mini 5 will be released in 2016

Apple company released iPad mini 4 on september 10, 2015. Currently iPad mini 4 has been added to the official website, there are silver, space gray, gold three colors, the weight is only 298.8 grams, 6.1 mm thickness. The iPad mini 4 is thus expected to price $399 for the 16GB version, $499 for the 64GB model and $599 for the 128GB model.

2015 launch of the iPad mini 4 is not a big upgrade, using the latest A8 processor, and the use of iPad Air 2 similar to the ultra-thin design, iPad mini 3 will be abandoned, the whole camp just left it and iPad mini 2. For iPad mini 4 changes, some media believe that iPhone 6 Plus in a certain extent, the iPad mini series of users, while Apple has begun to focus on the larger size of the plate, so the iPad mini series will not have a big breakthrough.

iPad mini 4 is known as the “wronged” products in the history of the Apple Corp, the conference only mention a “it has become lighter” will be officially released, compared with the same period of iPad Air, the equivalent of less attention. But if fine pondering, this product is actually good, compared to the previous generation, its shape has changed, the more thin body is the basic iPad Air 2, the thickness is also consistent with Air 2, only 6.1 mm, the weight is reduced to 298.8 grams, the whole laminate screen, anti reflective coating, etc..

Apple’s performance depends on iPhone, iPad sales are slowing

Apple released the first quarter earnings on Tuesday, as well as the outlook for the current quarter. Analysts expect the current quarter, Apple’s performance will continue to grow, but the growth rate can not reach the level of the same period last year.

Apple’s product release cycle is to match the end of the holiday shopping season. This year’s new iPhone joined the Touch 3D feature, while Apple also introduced the new Apple TV and iMac products.

However, Apple’s performance is increasingly dependent on iPhone. iPad sales are slowing, and Apple Watch and other new products have not yet become mainstream. Apple’s supplier Dialog Semiconductor reported Monday a weak quarterly results, and gives a disappointing fourth quarter results outlook. RBC analyst Amit Daryanani said on iPhone sales, which is a bad signal. Analyst Gene Munster said last week in the research report, Apple investors are most worried about the problem of holiday season iPhone sales.

iPad Pro release date and price: May be sold in early November

Apple launched a series of new products in the autumn conference, but there are still two products are not officially listed, that is, Apple TV and iPad Pro, of course, I am most concerned about the upgrade to the big screen iPad Pro, the latest news shows that it is not far from us.

It is reported that the model for the iPad Pro A1652 has been approved on October 15th by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification, including WiFi and LTE two versions, which means that the 12.9 inch iPad distance on sale and a step closer.

FCC file shows that iPad Pro supports Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and the highest can be achieved LTE Cat.4 connection standard, the theory of downlink and uplink rate of up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps.