iPhone 7 latest relevant specs and rumors

At present iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is all over the world market hot, but this does not prevent fans expectations for the next generation of the iPhone is very high. For the “s” series of iPhone is mainly for internal performance improvement, and iPhone 7 such a “orthodox” will bring a new industrial design.

iPhone 7 Specs iPhone 7 latest relevant specs and rumors

We believe that the Apple Corp’s flagship product iPhone, the Apple Corp will be carefully crafted, every time the big update can give a pleasant surprise, so iPhone 7 will have a new design. Currently Apple’s fans are looking forward to iPhone 7 has two big difference.

First is the design and Apple fans hope next generation iPhone to “abandoned” iphone 6 style design, so as to meet the “iPhone 7” moniker. In addition, fans are hoping iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PlusĀ in the case of the same body, the proportion of the screen can be increased.

Currently there are rumors that Apple hopes to make the next generation of iPhone to do even more thin, the thickness of the iPhone 7 is more likely only 6mm. In addition to the news that Apple may also choose to liquid metal, as iPhone 7 material.


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