iPhone 7 may add Apple’s new patent: avoid overheating

Many mobile phones in a one-time use after a long time (especially playing games or watching video), it will be whole body heating, and even hot, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will become hot, some users of apple iPhone 6s have complained that their phones on the Touch ID Home key will be very hot.

However, according to the latest exposure of Apple’s latest patent, iPhone can automatically start or Turn off the phone function, depending on the temperature of the phone itself and the way they use.
Apple’s patent was filed in January 2013, although the idea is not the first time we have seen it, but it is very interesting to show us how Apple to control the operation and feel of the phone, as well as ordinary software and hardware.

According to the Patent Description, Apple will also increase a temperature sensor for iPhone, which can be used to compare the current iPhone temperature and maximum temperature limit. If, to reach the maximum temperature limit, iPhone will be able to limit the use of mobile power, so that the mobile phone temperature once again lower.

The patent also mentioned that the system for the mobile phone to cool down, and will not prevent the normal use of the user iPhone. If the user wants to use iPhone to make a phone call or send text messages, the power usage limit will be adjusted to improve, until the user runs out of mobile phone. However, as long as the phone fever, the system will try to shut down the phone function as much as possible. Now look, a bit like Apple’s latest energy saving mode.

It is not clear whether the patent will be applied on iPhone. However, there are internal sources, iPhone 7 will be built in a thermometer system, can be used to control the function of the phone.


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