iPhone 7 Plus Rumors: Dual-Camera, Wireless Charging and Waterproof

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors were exposed, a recent slide was displayed at the internal Foxconn presentation, the slide shows some of the iPhone 7 Plus features, these features are consistent with the previous rumors.

iPhone 7 rumors iPhone 7 Plus Rumors: Dual Camera, Wireless Charging and Waterproof

The internal Foxconn presentation

You can see from this slide, Apple iPhone 7 Plus the will be configured a dual-lens camera with 12 MP, and it will support the wireless charging. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus will be loaded iOS10 system, this is in line with our expectations. At the same time we can see that iPhone 7 Plus will support the waterproof function.

This slide also gives the upper part of the iPhone 7 Plus photo. From the photo, compared to the previous rumors, the rear dual-camera is basically in line with expectations, the antenna strip will only exist at the very edges of the device.

According to previous reports, iPhone 7 will also cancel the physical Home button, using the Force Touch home button, and it will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Of course, the authenticity of the above slides can not be fully confirmed, but the credibility is high.

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