iPhone 7 Rumors, Concepts and Features summary

Currently, Apple has begun to continue to release iPhone 7 to prepare, many Apple fans in order to wait for the next generation of iPhone and trouble. Although the development of iPhone 7 is still in a very early stage, because 6S iPhone is just released, but Apple fans waiting for iPhone 7 release date is still valid strategy.

The following is a summary of the iPhone 7 rumors and concepts:

4K screen: according to the supply chain sources, Apple has the potential to be equipped with full 4K Ultra HD display iPhone 7. And, iPhone 7 may be considered to re use the ultra-thin G/G touch panel technology, you can allow apple to produce a non border iPhone.

Home key: iPhone 7 is an interesting aspect may be no Home key, although it has been suggested that this has been a period of time, but the iPhone 7 may eventually be achieved. Designer Kaymak Hasan recently released the concept of mobile video is proposed to cancel the Home key, Apple should do so, so that no border display becomes possible.

Waterproof: it is suggested that Apple has greatly improved the waterproof performance of iPhone 7, which not only can be used to improve the daily use of smart phones, but also allows iPhone to provide more health functions. Watch Apple will release the second generation in 2016, Apple will make iPhone 7 and Watch Apple have more collaboration.

Wireless charging: iPhone 7 may also have a new feature is wireless charging, not to mention SONY and LG fans, that is, Samsung’s fans will laugh at Apple has not released this feature. But from the U.S. patent and Trademark Office received a patent application, Apple may be in the next generation of iPhone using wireless charging technology.

Folding screen / curved screen: September apple to the United States Patent and Trademark Office filed a patent application, patent application attached pictures show, the screen covered the entire front of the phone, apple explained that many mobile devices have a similar design. Can imagine, iPhone 7 will eventually use this design.

Inside Intel: many reports suggest that the next generation of iPhone may use Intel chips, Intel has set up a team of 1000 people, challenge Qualcomm’s dominance in iPhone. Regardless of whether this can be achieved, Qualcomm and Intel will have a fight, and iPhone 7 can benefit from the improved chip.

OLED screen: a new biography Wen said iPhone 7 will be installed OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen, et of Korea Science and technology website news, Apple’s current want from Samsung procurement screen. Samsung’s OLED technology is generally considered a big selling point, Apple’s contract will be Samsung’s big contract, but it may have a negative impact on Samsung’s Galaxy series phones.

Apple’s car: another rumor with iPhone 7 is that Apple may release a preview of Car Apple, and even allow users to buy a mobile phone through a smart phone. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously mentioned Car Apple. But it may not be possible to postpone buying iPhone, because Car Apple will appear in at least 2019.

Sapphire screen: quite a long time people have predicted that Apple will use the sapphire screen, iPhone 7 may be achieved. Investment bank Jaffray Piper forecast, Apple bought a large number of sapphire glass, the company intends to use in a time in iPhone.

Performance: the final iPhone 7 may be installed faster processors, larger RAM memory and a substantial upgrade camera. iPhone 7 may be significantly improved compared to 6S iPhone, so the price may also rise.


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