iPhone 7 rumors: iPhone 7 will have a 4-inch version

There are rumors that Apple will release 4-inch iPhone. If the message comes true,the mobile phone screen 4.7-inch, 5-inch of today in 2015, apple if it really launched 4-inch version, it seems very outdated. But the combination of various factors, the introduction of 4-inch version of the iPhone 7 is very worthy of understanding. Whether it is user habits, market factors, product layout, etc., a 4-inch version of the iPhone 7 are reasonable existence.

iPhone has been concerned about the 4-inch smart phone market

Throughout the smart phone market, still in the sales of the screen in 4.5-inch or even 4.3-inch below the phone almost only apple and Microsoft. Microsoft Lumia series mobile phone basic configuration is low, the function is incomplete, unable and Apple launched in 2013 is still in the market for veteran iPhone 5s. In a certain way, the entire market in the sale of the 4-inch smart machine only iPhone 5s so a.

Even more concern is that the total sales of iPhone 5s in the first quarter of Apple’s first quarter of 10%, only 2015, but the proportion in the second quarter, even jumped to 20%. Shows that iPhone 5s is highly welcomed. The mobile phone market is a big screen, attracted some small screen users lack of space, some users still prefer iphone 5s, visible on the small screen mobile phone in the market does still have a lot of fans.

For this part of the Apple in the past to cultivate the habit of users and the size of the market, Apple will not easily give up. When iPhone 7 introduced in September next year, according to the law of Apple’s product line, iPhone 5s will be the next frame processing. Then this part of the market is particularly important to fill in the blank. At this point, a 4-inch version of the iPhone 7 launch, in fact just right.

Even Securities KGI analyst Mingchi Guo also believes that the market demand for small screen iPhone still exists, the first half of 2016 Apple will start a large number of small screen iPhone. That is, this small screen iPhone or will be released as a new generation of iPhone series published on September 2016.

Such a small screen iPhone 7 for iPhone 5s old users, this is a can accept, meet the needs of the product. For apple, this product is 4-inch, dominate the small screen Market for defense. The future of apple can still in the small screen market is unparalleled in the world.

4-inch of iPhone 7 may be called iPhone 7c or iPhone 7 mini, the price and the price of iPhone 5c is the same.

Recalling the 2013 and iPhone5s together with the launch of the iPhone 5c, in a sense, is precisely Cook to increase sales of a step forward. Through half a propaganda campaign, the people the impression of iPhone5c completely stop at cheap level. From the perspective of the absolute volume, 5C, bleak also only compared to big brother iphone 5s, compared with the same period in the flagship Android and Windows Phone camp, 5C, is still dominant. Quoted sources said, in the four quarter of 2013, iPhone5c listed four months of sales actually more than all Android flagship phone, reaching 12 million. The Samsung S4 Galaxy for 9 million, NOKIA WindowsPhone mobile phone for 8.2 million, G2 LG is only 2.3 million.

4-inch of iPhone 7 played a role is to raise the status of the flagship phone, from this view, Apple launched 4-inch of iPhone 7 is likely to be the same as iPhone 5c. Mingchi Guo even claimed that Apple has set the end of 20 million to 30 million for the 4 inch iPhone 7 sales target. Although the current forecast premature, but the reference iPhone 5c published four months on sales of 12 million, such a iPhone 7 might be more attractive.

So for apple, 4-inch and 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch of iphone 7 combination models can achieve market comprehensive coverage, the realization of low, medium and high consumer demand fully, such a iPhone 7 perhaps really will bring changes to the mobile phone in the market upside down.

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