iPhone 8 may start using OLED display

Apple products will be used OLED display for the future iPhone.

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung’s display company has plans to invest $7 billion 400 million in Apple’s production equipment with curved OLED display.

iphone 8 OLED display iPhone 8 may start using OLED display

Reported that Apple’s products will gradually change from LTPS to OLED screen, then Apple will use the curved surface OLED display for future iPhone. Samsung’s display capacity will be extended to 30 to 45 thousand baseplate in 2016, and it will reach 45 thousand baseplate in 2017.

South Korean media also said that on the OLED panel supply, apple selected Samsung and LG. It is expected that the next two to three years, the two companies will invest $12 billion 800 million in production in order to meet the needs of apple. These investments will be mainly used for the production of flexible OLED display devices.

According to the planning of the industrial chain, we estimate that iPhone 8 may start using OLED display.

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