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Apple’s performance depends on iPhone, iPad sales are slowing

Apple released the first quarter earnings on Tuesday, as well as the outlook for the current quarter. Analysts expect the current quarter, Apple’s performance will continue to grow, but the growth rate can not reach the level of the same period last year.

Apple’s product release cycle is to match the end of the holiday shopping season. This year’s new iPhone joined the Touch 3D feature, while Apple also introduced the new Apple TV and iMac products.

However, Apple’s performance is increasingly dependent on iPhone. iPad sales are slowing, and Apple Watch and other new products have not yet become mainstream. Apple’s supplier Dialog Semiconductor reported Monday a weak quarterly results, and gives a disappointing fourth quarter results outlook. RBC analyst Amit Daryanani said on iPhone sales, which is a bad signal. Analyst Gene Munster said last week in the research report, Apple investors are most worried about the problem of holiday season iPhone sales.