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News about new Apple Watch bands and Apple Watch 2

There have been rumors that Apple will launch a new Apple Watch band in March,2016. The second generation of Apple Watch will be launched in September.

Earlier this month, apple inadvertently leaked the black version of the milanese loop band, then the band image is deleted. So Apple will launch at least one new watch strap, if it has some other new bands, we can’t know at present.

Apple Watch 2 News about new Apple Watch bands and Apple Watch 2

According to reports, Apple may launch a new watch strap on the conference in March, it will release watchOS 2.2 at the same time. The new system will make a small change to the map, so that iPhone can match with a number of watches.

According to Apple’s plans, the Apple Watch 2 will be released in September. In the fall release of new products is intriguing, it has been two years since the first generation of products appeared. The Apple Watch 2 and iPhone will be both released in the same month.

If iPad Air 3 is not ready, Apple will launch a new iPhone 5SE and the new Apple Watch bands on the conference in March.